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Monday, August 2, 2010

Lt. Jim Dangle Finally Caught Me (Speeding Ticket)

Today my affinity for that irresistible pedal on the right finally caught up with me. The fearless Lt. Jim Dangle caught me in a speed trap after YEARS of running the streets and highways of Houston like it's a NASCAR short course. He caught me flying over an overpass going 75 in a 60....blah, blah, blah. He caught me fair and square. Just write it up dude, okay?

There have been plenty of tickets over the years, but just not any SPEEDING tickets. Tickets for seat belts, registration, expired tags, WARNINGS (tons of those), having a tail light out...you name it.

My last significant run-in with the law:

Sept. 2008. It was in the middle of the afternoon, and I had no idea why the DPS was following me with flashing lights. When Officer Tran (his real name) walked up to my window and asked for my license & registration, he proceeded to explain that he was pulling me over FOR NOT USING MY BLINKER! *crickets chirping* I was like, "Whaaaaaa?"

This joker was serious! And I. Lost. My. COOL.

I sat in my car and SCREAMED! I screamed obscenities. Screamed in bewilderment at how "not using a blinker" was even worthy of stopping someone. I even made derogatory remarks about HIS MOTHER. Yep! I did it. Shamelessly, too! BUT, before you judge, please note that Hurricane Ike had hit about two weeks prior and our power had been out this WHOLE time. It had been miserable. We were making the best of an extremely challenging situation, and this was the final straw. Of all the things to worry about in my world, whether or not I used a blinker was a complete joke. It gave the work ridiculous a whole new meaning.

Tran still wrote the ticket and gave it to me. JERK. I am not a complete believer in karma, but I do believe that some things do, eventually, revisit you. *insert evil thoughts* I am hoping this revisits him in spades.

So today I am rolling the clock back to ZERO, and wondering how long I can manage to stay in the good graces of our fearless traffic patrol.

Sending some *u-hmm* love out to Lt. Dangle tonight. :)



Jennifer said...

I HATE Texas cops! I didn't realize how ridiculous they were until I left. You have to be really speeding your titties off here to get a ticket. As long as you are going with the flow of traffic and not weaving erratically in and out of traffic, you're good.

ethnically ambiguous said...

I left an award for you on my blog. thanks again so much for all your kind words.
Too bad Dangle didn't really pull you over, it would have been worth the ticket to meet him hehe. Sorry about the ticket though.

Big Fat Gini said...

Hi there! I found you via Ethnically Ambiguous. I can see why she gave you an award because seriously, you're fabulous!

I remember Ike (I'm in College Station) very well. It was scary and I think that I probably would have screamed obscenities too had I been pulled over for lack of using a blinker. Nobody else in Texas does it anyway! ;O)

I'm your newest follower!