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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Heaven = Back To School

The Staples Back-to-School commercial is my all time favorite. Watching the dad skip behind the shopping cart, joyfully toss pads of post-it notes into his basket, and the look of sheer dread on the children's faces as they follow behind him....my giddiness can't be contained.

I channeled this same world of euphoria on Sunday afternoon as I was sorting through huge piles of the kids' school supplies. With empty copy paper boxes just waiting to be filled, we went down the list(s), checked them twice, and got everything separated out, labeled, and ready to be "cheerfully" delivered to their classes. :) Meet the Teacher is on Thursday....and I am READY!

Summer has been A BLAST! Afternoons chillin' at the neighborhood pool were wonderful. The oldest went off to camp for a few weeks. We were able to spend time visiting with some treasured friends in Missouri. A trip to New Braunfels to enjoy the water slides/rides at Schlitterbahn was a first for the two youngest and myself - awesome fun! BUT. All that being said, I am ready for the school year to finally begin again.

Working odd hours, while trying to juggle the kids and make sure that they enjoy their summer, has been a bit of a head circus for me. It feels like the day is fragmented without being able to pay full attention to a specific task or need completely. Isn't that how the TRUE life of a mom really looks anyway? Juggling, working, making adjustments, loving on them, and then going to bed tired every night? Yeah, I thought so, too.

So this week, we focus and finish getting prepared. Then, on Monday, I will roll past the school and slow down just enough so that they don't get road rash when I kick them out the doors...and cheerfully head off to breakfast with my friends!!

CHEERS! to breakfast with friends...and thinking of my sweet muffins embarking on their new school year. :)


The Ninja said...

I am SO with you. Tomorrow is the FIRST DAY BACK and I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight I am SO SO SO excited!! Days to myself again...ahhhhhhhhh

Big Fat Gini said...

Hahahaha...I'm not even going to slow down!

No really, I'm looking forward to getting back into our normal groove. Letting go is just hard for me.

Amanda said...

Love love love the first paragraph of this post! I just got done with summer classes and I have 3 weeks till I go back to school again.

My mom is a preschool teacher so her outlook on back to school is probably a little different now but she loves those kids so much that I'm sure she is excited.

Jennifer said...

Love it! Still a few weeks for me, but we are in countdown mode.