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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yearbook 411

(This installment could also be titled, "Boys vs. Girls")

Lastnight, as I was going through the kids' backpacks and sorting through the year-end piles of "send home" workbooks and papers, Abby pulled out her yearbook. Since the yearbooks had just been distributed the same day, she was dying to sit and methodically examine every page. It was fun to see all of the great photos of school activites and all of their cute little friends. As we were going through each grade, from 4th to Kinder, I also got a play by play of the "who's who" at our elementary school. The following were some of my favorites...

"**** and **** are my bestest friends EEEEEVER."

"She thinks that she is so great, but she is really mean, and no one likes her."

"He is nice."

"She was soooo mean to ****, and s0 I am not friends with her anymore either."

"I love her hair."

"She moved to another school."

"I like to play with her at recess."

"He is reeeeally bad and gets in trouble all of the time."

"I want to play with her this summer."

"She used to be friends with ****, but NOT anymore."

"He is super smart."

"Lucas looks so silly [in this picture]."

"She always asks me to buy her a cookie at the cafeteria on MY lunch account, but she never pays me back."

.....And the list goes on. Every page had a commentary, and it was very enlightening.

On the flip side: As Lucas took his turn to sit next to me and review the "history pages" of the 2009-10 school year, there were a just a few comments, here and there, but nothing compared to the dirt that his sister had dished. His highlights were....

"There is ****."

"Oh! There is ****, I play with him on the playground."

"There is ****, he is in Ms.****'s class this year."

"There is ****."

"It was SO cold on the snow day. **** had huge gloves on."

.....Just stating the facts, no details or embellishments.



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Jennifer said...

Men!! You never get any info outta them.. you gotta rely on the girls to dish.