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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spring Chickens For Sale

Today is my birthday, and I must admit that the aging process does not give me the excitement or warm fuzzies that it did when I was in my teens, 20's, or even early 30's. The past few days, in particular, have reminded me that I am every bit of 38 years old....and no spring chicken.

Remember the cute little story that your mother probably read to you in preschool called "Granny's Glasses"? The story about how Granny wants to read a story to her grandkids but she can't find her glasses....looks high and low....here and there.....and it ends up that her spectacles have been perched on her head all along. Remember the story? Well, here's my version:

I had had a loooooong day with the kids, we had played for HOURS at the pool with friends, went out to eat, got a few things done around the house, and was completely exhausted. So I did what I do every night, I took a nice hot bath....pretty standard stuff. Afterwards, I started piddling around the house, straightening up, putting things away, etc. THAT is when *light bulb* I realized that I needed to find my glasses! I retraced my steps and looked in all of the usual places. They weren't sitting next to the bathtub, so I checked the shelves in my closet...dead end. Searched the kitchen...nope. The laundry room....a bust. So I decide to retrace my steps, AGAIN, just in case. Panic was starting to set in, was getting a little worked up, almost in tears, wondering what I would do if I couldn't find my only pair of glasses. As I am patting down the bed in case my glasses had fallen into the folds of the fluffy comforter, Richard asks me what I'm doing. I whine about how I've been looking everywhere but can't find my glasses....to which he replies, "They're on your face." And just like any complete idiot would do, I reach up and feel that, YES, my glasses are in fact right on my face! Perched on my nose. Lifting the visual fog, so that I could retrace my steps. Doing their job. Helping me see.....but not fixing the dumb. Grrrrrr.

Richard said he's keeping this one in his arsenal for future use. :)



Jennifer said...

This made me laugh SO HARD! On your face is even better than on top of your head! AHA! The good news: they must be very comfortable glasses that you don't even notice them there, the bad news: well, you know what that is. That is awesome. And totally something I might do. I hope you had a great birthday, nonetheless.

Karen S said...

OMG I can't stop laughing. Tears running down my face. Totally priceless.