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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Hour!

How can I say "no" when Abby gives her I-can't-take-any-more-of-this-nonsense look, and says, "Can we pleeeease go to happy hour today, Momma?" It's as though she's channeling her future 35ish year old self. The self that has kids, a job, housework begging for attention, wishing for a nap, and she just needs an escape.... Or maybe those are just my sentiments that I see mirrored on her face? I don't know, but Happy Hour at the Sonic Drive-In is fixin' to make my afternoon!!
Make mine a Route 44 Cherry Limeade with extra lime, pretty please?


1 comment:

Jennifer said...

LOVE the Sonic! But you know that.... I'll have the Route 44 Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper.