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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Good Lord Knew

About late April to mid May, I start to get a little out of sorts as the temperature starts to rise. There always happens to be one particular day (for me), when summer becomes a reality instead of an anticipation. It's the day that I step out of my house and immediately start to sweat from every single pore in my body. Not just a mere glistening, or steady prespiration after working in the yard, we're talking sweat so profuse that even your knee caps start to feel icky! I LOATHE THIS DAY. And, although I know that God is always present in our lives, this day reaffirms that He knows me personally, and knows my strengths and weaknesses.

He knew that I would not fare well as a pioneer woman. Countless hours, traveling in a covered wagon acrossed the vast wilderness of the western United States without air conditioning (or a jack for my PDA)? Ummmm, NO.

He knew that I would be unbearable if I had to sleep through summer nights without a fan set on the highest speed AND air conditioning. If momma's hot when I wake up, it ain't pretty!!

AND, He knew that my sanity (and the sanity of those around me) would require a nice bubble bath at the conclusion of a blisteringly hot day. Sweat is the enemy.

All this being said, summer lasts about six months in Houston. The hottest months of the season are July and August, Lord help me, and we are only part way into June. We have lived in the Houston area for almost 18 years, and every year I get gripey to move away when summer rears it's ugly head again....this year is no exception. When we got home from hanging out at the neighborhood pool this afternoon, I told Richard that I was going to give serious consideration to any marriage proposals from north and west of Texas. Please send resumes and serious offers to 1-800-COOL-BRZ.



Jennifer said...

Haha! I miss home a lot, but I DO NOT miss summer! I am perfectly content with our summers... they are awesome! You want me to rustle you up either: an airman/soldier/Marine/seaman stationed here in NJ near us OR an actual local complete with the rest of his Italian family, the family pizzeria/bakery, his mama and his gold jewlery?

Jennifer said...

But it is JUNE... JUNE. It isn't supposed to be this hot yet.