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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Florence Nightingale

...add to the list that I am NOT Florence Nightingale, either.

This afternoon the chain on Conner's bike came off as he was riding home from the pool. He went over the handle bars and was hurt pretty badly - lots of "surface damage" but no broken bones or lacerations. Luckily, a good samaritan noticed the accident as he was driving by and brought Conner home.

The sight of blood has always made me cringe, but somehow when my kids are hurt, I manage to find the where-with-all to hold myself together and stay calm. The catch, for me, comes when they have sores, wounds, or "boo-boos" that are oozy and weepy. *yikes* So when Conner gets out of this nice man's truck today and I see blood all down his side, I put on my game face and went to work. It wasn't a professional mending job, but all of the road rash got rinsed, cleaned, and bandaged.

Fast forward.... On our way home from dinner tonight, we stopped at the pharmacy and I bought a bag FULL of non-stick gauze pads and bandages. I was feeling pretty good about about my bag-o-kid-fixing supplies, and was ready to get home, inspect, reclean, and rebandage...... Well, that was the plan at least. *GULP* As soon as his shirt came off and I saw the weepy, messy bandages, it was all over but the smelling salts. It took mere SECONDS for me to start feeling lightheaded. Suddenly dinner wasn't sitting so well - threatening to make an encore appearance. Broke out in a cold sweat. It was CRAZY!! Even my feeble attempts to breathe deeply, lean against the counter, sit on the couch....nothing worked to quell the nausea. In the end, I finally just had to go lay down on the bed....completely unable to contribute....USELESS.

Of course, Richard, being the comic that he is, couldn't pass up the opportunity to come lean up against the bed and fan himself like he was going to pass out and tease me. HAHAHAHA!!! Stinker. :)

Conner will probably hurt for several days, but he has already asked to go hang out at the skating rink with his friends on Friday. How do kids do it?!? Just the THOUGHT of rollerskating so soon after wrecking on his bike makes ME hurt. Oh well, he can always call if he wants to be picked up early, right?


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Jennifer said...

After DJ had that surgery when I was pregnant with Zoe and I had to change the bloody, weepy dressings on his wound, I think I'm good. THAT was an experience and I reminded him that when we were old and he had to help me clean my butt, not to say a word. What gets me, is poop. Even after two kids, I can't stand it.. the smell makes me gag.. I hate changing the diapers and I feel that is why my kids won't potty train until they are in college... because it annoys me. When Noah was Zoe's age, his doctor referred him for some tests because he wasn't growing and a few weeks before our appointment with the specialist, they sent me a bowl, a wooden spoon thingie and a slide, with specific instructions. I was to collect a bowel movement, straight from his body, I could NOT let it be contaminated with toilet water, then, use the wooden thingie to sort through it and take smear samples from three totally different parts of the poop. Then I had to mail it back in. Of course, DJ was off on some military trip, so I couldn't even ask for his assistance. The whole time I was thinking, "Isn't this THEIR job? I'm not a nurse, nor did I ever pretend to want to be one." I almost cancelled the appointment so I didn't have to do that.