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Monday, June 28, 2010

Houston Needs A "Pass" on Hurricane Season

It's June 29th....and "Alex" is brewing in the Gulf. Not. Good. Hurricane season officially began on June 1st, but we usually don't start seeing named storms until later in July or August. Add to this, that the forecasters have predicted 3-5 big ass hurricanes for the season....and the outlook seems a little grim.

Sooooo, after surviving Hurricane Ike in 2008, I would like to submit a request to Mother Nature for a "PASS". It seems fair to say, that my fellow Houstonians and I were pretty good sports and "took one for the team" when Ike barreled though. It cut a swath of destruction from Galveston/Crystal Beach all the way to..... Well, I don't know exactly where the storm was downgraded from hurricane status, but I know that we were definitely in it's path.

My compadres are already starting to discuss necessary measures needed in order to be prepared for the duration of the season. Given the not-so-sunny forecasting predictions, I am actually ready to bite the bullet and start shopping for a generator. Seriously. We were lucky to have only lost power for TWO WEEKS after Ike, and the idea of a repeat does not give me warm fuzzies.

One of my FAVORITE hurricane supply lists, so far, is from my dad & Margaret. They stocked up on three cases of beer, a box of cigars, margarita mix, BBQ chips, lanterns, Pepsi, oatmeal cookies, and other various "fillers". I think it goes without saying, that if the weather gets nasty, they should load up and drive straight to my house!!! HAHAHA

SIDE NOTE: Because of their nasty dispositions, and inability to play nicely with others, I have unfriended the following; Alex, Bonnie, Colin, Danielle , Earl, Fiona (she is NOT a princess), Gaston, Hermine, Igor, Julia, Karl, Lisa, Matthew, Nicole, Otto, Paula, Richard, Shary, Tomas, Virginie, or Walter.



Jennifer said...

like the new blog design! Did I miss something? The last I heard it was aiming for Mexico/far southern tip of Texas. Has it changed course?

Lesley said...

You didn't miss anything - Alex is still headed in that direction, but Ike was also headed towards Corpus. I don't take the weather man's word as gospel, since only Mother Nature knows where the party will be. :)