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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happiness is...

When I am in a funk, have a rough day at the office, or things just aren't going my way, there are a few things that are SURE to turn my frown upside-down:
  1. Walking into a spruced and straightened house can lift my spirits IMMEDIATELY! Especially when the tidiness is laced with the fragrance of Pine-Sol. Ahhhhh....

  2. Dinner time at the kitchen table. Hearing about how everyone's day went, funny stories, and talking with eachother, helps me to loosen the stranglehold of my own worries or frustrations.

  3. A new gadget, app, or supplies for a crafty project....J-O-Y!!

  4. Retail therapy is always on the list, of course. I love new purses, jewelry, clothes, organizational supplies, a new book, nail pollish...the list is endless.

  5. Getting a phone call from a good friend, or sitting with my friends while the kids play in cul-de-sac. The blessing of friends who share the humor in life is inmeasurable.

  6. A new pair of flip flops. DUH!!

  7. It makes me feel really good when Richard, the kids, or anyone for that matter, pays me a sincere compliment.

  8. A lunch date or dinner out with my girlfriends. Much like #5, but without children...BONUS!

  9. When I come home and my dog Zeek "greets" me at the door. He jumps around, turns in circles, "talks" to me, and makes me laugh!! I love my furry boy. :)

  10. Getting a good report on one of my kidlets is a biggie, too. A phone call or email from a teacher or fellow parent is amazing! Even better, is watching them burst through the door at the end of the day yelling, "MOM! Guess what?..." Now THAT's the good stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Great list! And all so true. keep trying to combine my dog greeting me with getting my house clean, but so far, our pug hasn't met me at the door to tell me he's done the dishes, vacuumed, and folded the laundry.

Ah, well.