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Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Awesome" Season

Supporting the theory that Lucas lives out of the box, consider this:

When we got our first correspondence from Lucas' t-ball coach, it included basic information, upcoming events, and a request for info about skill level, which side the boy throws & hits from, etc. Pretty self explanatory stuff. One of the crucial tidbits included on the list was, "What name does your son want monogrammed onto his hat?" After excitedly typing out all of my responses, I started to second guess one of my answers and decided to ask the "baller" himself. This is how it went down:

Me: "Hey Luc, what name do you want on your ball cap?"

Luc: "Whaaaaat?"

Me: "Your BASEball cap!? What name do you want on it?"

Luc: "Oh. Just 'Awesome'".

Me: "Seriously. What name do you want on your cap? Luc? Lucas? What do you want?"

Luc: "I told you, I want it to say 'Awesome'"

In the end, I just laughed the conversation off as a silly six-year-old moment, kept the response email in my "drafts" folder, and decided to let some time pass so that he could think it over and decide what he really wanted on his hat. A few hours later, we revisited the topic and this is what he chose...

Apparently it wasn't just a fleeting fancy, but a literal label of his self worth and confidence. He never waivered in his decision, or seriously considered other options. :) While all of the other kids had their first names proudly displayed on their ball caps....Lucas had a label, an attitude, a description, an EXPECTATION.

Richard contributed by being the Dugout Coach for the team. The dugout coach in t-ball is the the coaching equivalent of throwing 12 golf balls into a tile shower and attempting to maintain order and decorum. NOT EASY, but extremely amusing to those of us who were not doing the job.

The A's finished the season by ranking 2nd in the T-Ball American League Championships! WAY TO GO A's!!!

Side Note: Props to this kids' parents for raising a confident, well adjusted individual!

(Why, thank you!)



Jennifer said...

You gotta love that! Did any of the other parents notice it?

Lesley said...

I'm sure that they noticed, but no one ever said anything about it, to my knowledge. I have wondered what they thought about it though. :)