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Friday, May 21, 2010

Golf Hall of Fame Nominee

Today something amazing happened...Conner made the Oak Ridge High School Golf Team!! GO WAR EAGLES!!

I think Conner got his first set of Fisher Price golf clubs for his 1st birthday, and has loved to hit the little white ball ever since. When Richard started getting actual golf clubs cut down and resized to fit him, Conner's favorite club was his "whacker" (a driver/wood). Our first house had an enormous yard, and one of the things that he loved to do was to get his whacker and chase a ball around the yard. He would walk up to the ball and hit it. Run over to where it landed, square up, and hit it again. Hop around, make silly noises while finding where the ball had landed, square up and then hit it again.

Over time he has played countless rounds of golf, and I don't even know how many buckets of balls he has hit at the driving range. A lot of other kids play golf, love the sport, and have their own aspirations of being the next Tiger Woods. But what makes this so special for me, is that this is something that Conner has always loved, and it's something that he and his dad have enjoyed doing together. Regardless of future successes or failures, Conner hit a hole-in-one today!

Congrats on making the team, son! Now, it's time for your daddy to pony up on the promise of getting you a new set of clubs. cha-ching!



Jennifer said...

Awww... congrats, Conner!

Karen said...

I am so proud of him!!! Next? Swim team!!