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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Unloading the dishwasher should be easy, right?

This afternoon I asked Lucas to clean out the dishwasher, which seems like it would be an easy enough task, right? Not so fast! At the same time Luc was unloading, I was in "busy mode" - working on dinner, playing on the computer, signing homework folders, etc. When I finally glanced up to check on his progress, boy was I surprised! He had stacks of plates, glasses stacked by size and color, baking dishes, the whole nine yards on the counters and still not put in the cabinets. Not only were the dishes still out on display, but apparently he had decided that it's necessary to take the bottom rack of the dishwasher completely out of the unit, in order to properly unload the top rack. ....WHAT?!?


Dear Lucas,

Please take a bow, young man. Seeing my kitchen methodically torn apart and cleaned at the same time was AMAZING! Your approach to unloading the dishwasher has been an enlightening experience. It also makes me wonder if, one day, I will send you to scrub bathrooms only to find that you have removed the toilet lids and disassembled the faucet hardware.


Your Loving Mother



Jennifer said...

Love it! It's great to have that kid that thinks outside the box!

Karen said...

Oh Lucas!! You crack me up!!!