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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When The Tooth Fairy FAILS

The Tooth Fairy that visits our house is, shall we say, "challenged".

After countless mishaps and blunders, we have adopted a procedure, of sorts, to try and avoid the awkward morning moments when everyone exchanges the sad looks of disappointment. "She forgot again?" Yeah, THAT look.

The procedure goes like this:
  1. The tooth falls out
  2. Everyone gets really excited
  3. The tooth NEVER goes upstairs, but rather is placed in an OBVIOUS location on the kitchen counter.
  4. Children go to sleep with visions of mucho bucks dancing in their heads
  5. Said children awaken the next morning to find that "mucho bucks" actually only means $1
  6. Everyone gets really excited
  7. Procedure repeats itself as the next tooth falls out
On the Friday before Halloween, Abby lost a tooth that she had been patiently waiting on to fall out. This was super exciting! We squeeled with excitement! We hugged, hooted and hollered! Then, she put her tooth on the counter (just as the procedure dictates) and waited.

The next morning we discovered that there had been no exchange. The tooth was still there, not mucho bucks. In an effort to dumb it down for the tooth fairy, she put her tooth in her special "Tooth Fairy" box and put it out on the counter. Again.

And once again, when she woke up Halloween morning, Abby found that there had STILL been no exchange. Who hires these losers?!?! So, in a last ditch effort, she decided that a note to the Tooth Fairy was in order. This is what she wrote:

Tooth Fairy pleace take my
tooth. it is in the big tooth

this is what it
looks like

(drawing of tooth) open it

Needless to say, the Tooth Fairy made the exchange that night. Finally.

The only thing that I could think of to console my daughter's dashed expectations of the loser Tooth Fairy? "I bet she's been a little confused, Abby. She's probably trying to figure out where the REAL teeth are versus all of the fake vampire teeth that kids have out on their dressers for their costumes this year."

Nice, huh?
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I am Harriet said...

Long live the tooth fairy!

Have a great day!

Big Fat Gini said...


We failed so hardcore at that, we just started handing over money as soon as the tooth came out.

Jennifer said...

Maybe the toothfairy is union? And this it time for the kids to learn the hard lessons of unions and how their strikes affect the general public.