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Monday, November 1, 2010

Chasing the Little White Ball

Today Conner participated in his first high school golf tournament.

We've been anticipating this day for months, so it was a little hard to turn off the excitement and anticipation in order to fall asleep lastnight. Plus, I've been [somewhat] trying to mentally plan out this day for about a week now....if I should do to work afterwards, what time to head to the course, what I should wear, etc., so all of those thoughts were whirling around in my mind, too. Big decisions for a proud momma.

Conner hit some really great shots! He hit a 240-yard drive off of the tee box that was perfectly straight. Incredible!! On a par 3, he 7-ironed the ball onto the edge of the green from off of the tee box. W-O-W! There were several other really great hits that he made, but those were just a couple of the ones that made me want to jump out of the golf cart, hoot, holler, and completely disrupt play. :) HAHAHA

I am not generally a huge fan of golf, but watching Conner hit the sticks was REALLY exciting.


Jennifer said...

Yay Conner! And look at you having all the lingo down. I don't know what it all meant.. but it sounded really good! Was that someone's house that close to the course in that one shot???

Big Fat Gini said...


Like Jennifer, I have no idea what the hee haw howdy most of that meant, but you know...good job! I figure if he managed to keep it out of the woods/sand/ponds and didn't hit anyone's house, he's doing a lot better than I ever did. And the closest I ever got was playing Putt-Putt (I'll let you do the math there).