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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Wooden Spoon Incident

My youngest two are pretty close in age, and when they were younger there were many days when I felt like I was being tag teamed between two heavy weight boxers. When their behavior was "off", wrangling one of them sometimes meant that the other little scoundrel was taking full advantage of the situation by skillfully dismanteling another part of the house. And then there were the occasions when they were so out out of line (they were toddlers after all) that I would employ the backup assistance of my handy dandy wooden spoon when FIRM words and time-out weren't quite getting the job done. Don't judge.

On one such afternoon I had gone Round 8 with the dynamic duo and was seriously about to unravel at the seams. Too much mischief, sassy back talk, and bullheaded defiance had me worked into quite a lather, and the wooden spoon had gotten a little bit of a workout, honestly. I felt like I was running a losing race at the hands of my toddlers, and so I finally just tucked the spoon in the back pocket of my jeans. Ugh! I mean really - why put it away just to get it back out again?!

Somehow we managed to turn the corner and get things back on track and were making some headway. Realizing that the oldest would be getting out of school before too long, I decided to run to the drugstore for a few quick items that we needed. Once we got to the store, I was pleasantly surprised at how the two of them were behaving! It was like little aliens had taken over their bodies - they were sitting in the cart, being sweet to eachother, and using their inside voices - it was GREAT!

The thing that WAS interesting to me, was that people seemed to be paying quite a bit of attention to us as we were walking through the store. I mean, the kids were being really good and we were just minding our own business but people just kept giving me these weird looks! So when we were almost ready to get into the checkout line, I had an itch on my back that a reached around to scratch....and that's when I discovered that I still had the wooden spoon tucked in my back pocket.

Nice. No wonder everyone was staring at me! I was walking around the drugstore with two perfectly behaving children, but had a monster "enforcer" boldly displayed in pocket as if to say, "Yeah, I dare my kids to ask for Lik-M-Aid again!".

NOT a cool feeling.

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MacDougal Street Baby said...

Reminds me of my mom. She never hit me but once cornered me into a crevice of our apartment, raised her arm and said, "Do you see this hand? I could make you fly!" Sometimes it's simply the threat that keeps a kid in line.

ournextchapters.com said...

Oh my goodness... yes... that would draw attention most certainly. Ah well... at least the kids were well behaved eh? lol

JustMom420zaks said...

Thats frickin' hilarious.
But, I wonder why, these days, we feel the need to defend actions that were perfectly reasonable when we were growing up.
I think I need to get a wooden spoon, the three fingered butt-slap isn't penetrating these new toddler diapers as well... ROTFL

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Oh, I could easily see how that could happen. It did the trick though. Just curious if you ever kept in in your pocket again.

Thanks for stopping by our blog today.

chaos and craziness.... said...

the spoon is an excellent threat... even now that my kids are older i throw that out there and they straighten up immediately. i learned it from my mom, that i'm sure learned it from hers, and have had more than one spoon on my butt.
have funny memories of the spoon that broke over my cousins rear!! and i know of a friend, who another friend spoke of, about carrying the spoon in her back pocket... not sure if she took it to the store... :)