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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

To Have and To Hold? REALLY!?!

This morning I went to my favorite local cake shop to order a cake for an upcoming special event. As I entered the shop, there was a couple sitting right inside the door with photo albums open, looking at wedding cakes. Now I THINK that ordering your wedding cake should be an enjoyable event that is a collaborative effort. Something that, once you've made a final decision, you eagerly anticipate the opportunity to savor and share the cake with your guests on the wedding day.

That wasn't quite the case with this couple. On the contrary, when this particular groom-to-be made suggestions or comments about something he saw in the photo album, his precious bride-to-be would berate him. She was rude, condescending, and unkind. She made statements like, "That's horrible" and "You aren't even using your head when you say things". And asking questions like, "Have you even paid attention to the plans that I've made?" It was NUTS! Then, adding even more insult to awkwardness, she said it all loud enough that no one in the shop could escape the bite of what she said.

After completing my order I left the cake shop wondering - How in the world could a man (or woman) love someone enough to take a public ass kicking like that over ordering a wedding cake? The wedding cake will be phenomenal - no doubt about it - it's the wedding that I'm worried about!

Maybe he should consider serving the cake at his "Breaking the Engagement" party?



Big Fat Gini said...

I wonder that every time I watch Bridezillas (and sadly, that's often). Who marries these women? And why? I don't know, I probably would have walked over to the table, looked him in the eye and said, "run like the wind Bullseye!"

Jennifer said...

yeah it's a shame when people don't get it is more about the marriage than the wedding. Sounds like she's unhappy with more than just his cake choices. I want to say, " poor guy" but then he is allowing her to treat him like that.