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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Secret Santa Shop

After not blogging for seven long months I've decided to jump back in the saddle, but only in baby steps. HERE GOES NOTHIN'!!!

Yesterday when the kids got home from school, they were heavy laden with gifts a'plenty for the whole family. Every Christmas, their school has this thing called the "Secret Santa Shop" where kids can go and purchase relatively inexpensive gifts for their family or friends. Five dollars can go a long way, or only buy one thing, but the kids get to manage how they spend their own money. After opening one of the gifts that Abby got me, (because she can't stand to waiting until Christmas for anyone to open up their gifts) she started to tell me about her shopping experience and this was the highlight:

Abby walks up to where I'm sitting, leans over the arm of my comfy chair and says, "Mom! So today when I was shopping they had this really cool '#1 Sister' water bottle that was REALLY awesome, and I REALLY wanted, but it was $7.00 and I didn't have enough money to get everything for everybody else. So I had to put it back."

Not quite sure about this, I asked the obvious, "Why would you get something that says '#1 Sister' if you don't even have a sister?"

"Because I'm a really great sister and I wanted it!" *all smiles*

HAHAHAHA!!! Then, as a bonus, she proceeded to tell me about her conversation with the checkout lady in an Australian voice!

Seriously, who is this child?

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