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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Failing Grades

This morning, as soon as I was generally coherent, I hopped on my laptop to check email, our finances, and Conner's grades. Conner has been grounded from everything but eating, sleeping, and breathing for the past few weeks because of his grades, so I tend to check out his averages online A LOT.

At some point after the Christmas break, Conner decided to let his grades completely plummet into the sewer. He was failing SEVEN classes out of nine. It's true. And just like always, all of his privileges were taken away...no time with his girlfriend...no cell phone...no hanging out with his buddies...no computer/Facebook...NOTHING. And, because I was so thoroughly disgusted with his ridiculous grades, I implemented and book report requirement on top of the hours of studying he wasn't going to weasel his way out of.

The good news is that he's brought up all of his grades to the passing level, with the exception of two.

The bad news.... When I checked his grades this morning, he got a 50% on a Biology test - he's still failing Biology. AND he didn't even turn in a homework paper in Money Matters....helping him to maintain his stellar average of 40%.

What does he think!?! I've been busting his chops for weeks! Sitting in the front room WITH him, where there is no noise or distraction, keeping him on task and accountable, quizzing him on content....and holding his feet to the fire!!! And this little buzzard has the cojones to produce a ZERO ON HOMEWORK?!?

His MP3 is now in my possession, and I am going to switch his radio/alarm clock out with a plain-jane alarm clock while he's at school.

I welcome any other brilliant idea or suggestions on how to get this kid refocused and prioritized.

Failure is NOT an option.

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Jennifer said...

Wow. I am interested to see what suggestions you get. I have not had to deal with this yet... and somehow I think having him write, "I will utilize my time wisely." 75 times doesn't have the same effect on a 15 year old as it does a 7 year old.